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Agatec Agatape7 Laser Distance Meter

Laser 812477

Agatec Agatape7 Laser Distance Meter Features

The Agatec Agatape7 Laser Distance Meter makes measuring easier than ever with its accurate readings within ±1/16-inch and a wide working range of up to 230 feet. This digital measuring tool utilizes real laser technology to measure distances, areas and volumes. It can also determine indirect measurements using the Pythagorean method, truly a great tool for both indoor and outdoor use. 

  • Area and Volume: Calculations completed in seconds
  • Pythagoras: Ideal for measuring indirect height and width to inaccessible positions
  • Tracking Mode: Helpful when searching for the diagonal or the perpendicular from surface to surface
  • Stake Out: To stake out continuous equal distances, such as layout of metal studs
  • Flip-Out Endpiece: For accurate measurement from a surface edge or corner