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Keson 25' Automatic Lock Short Tape Measure (Inches/Ft/10ths/100ths)


Keson 25' Automatic Lock Short Tape Measure Features

The user does not need to engage a lock to keep the blade extended. The push button release unlocks the blade and allows it to travel back into its case. These tapes come with a rubber-grip compact housing.

  • Nylon coated steel blade
  • Heavy duty end hook
  • Easy-to-read graduations
  • Chrome plated case
  • True to zero hook
  • Belt clip
  • Bumper cushion
  • 3 rivet hook
  • Inches/feet/10ths/100ths
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Keson is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, and is well known in North America for providing reliable, innovative, and easy-to-use measuring and marking products to professional tradespeople who are passionate about their work.