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Lufkin 1/4" x 100' Peerless Engineer's Yellow Clad Tape Measure

Tape Lufkin 03Y1276D

Lufkin 1/4" x 100' Peerless Engineer's Yellow Clad Tape Measure Features

  • Designed for engineers and surveyors who prefer a 4-arm reel
  • Chrome clad and yellow clad blade
  • 1/4 inch/6 mm wide and 0.016 inch/0.4 mm thick
  • Subdivided line removes easily from reel
  • Long, easy-action winding handle that locks line in any position
  • Reel is nickel plated, 4-arm with rollers in each arm for smooth winding
  • Open design construction aids in drying line and clearing out dirt
  • Pair of 580 finger rings and a 579 engineer's conversion rule are furnished with tape or replacement line
  • Replacement reels available. See HERE.
About Lufkin

Lufkin Tools

The E.T. Lufkin Board and Log Rule Manufacturing Company started in Cleveland, Ohio in 1869 to serve the logging industry. Lufkin produced rules of superior quality, using only the best materials, and the company flourished, gaining a substantial following of loyal customers. The company soon moved to Saginaw, Michigan, which at the time was the center of the logging industry as settlement of the young United Stated moved relentlessly westward.

Today, as Crescent Lufkin, the brand is a market leader for measuring products from Apex Tool Group, one of the largest hand tool manufacturers in the world. The extensive Crescent Lufkin line of products includes power tapes, rules, long tapes, oil gauging tapes, measuring wheels, and one of the widest selections of special-purpose tapes and rules available for commercial and industrial use.