GeoMax FieldGenius8 Premium Edition


  • GeoMax FieldGenius8 Premium Edition Features

    FieldGenius increases efficiency in your daily workflow - it is the choice for organizations that value productivity.

    • Simple new project workflow helps you start working quickly
    • Workflow is map-driven, not menu-driven, so it is intuitive and simple to learn and to master
    • High visibility staking interface and HD graphics present you with the information you need to get the job done easily
    • Automatic instrument reconnection and Bluetooth device management helps save wasted time
    • NTRIP caster management allows you to save NTRIP settings for multiple casters
    • Productivity tasks: Customize your data collector by assigning commands to your keypad keys
    • Calculating tools: Access the built-in RPN calculator from any edit field and easily use surveying calculations
    • Advanced roading, surfacing, slope staking, smart points, DXF & LandXML import/export, and robotic & GPS

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  • GeoMax Positioning

    GeoMax's portfolio of innovative solutions, products and equipment is known for being robust, easy-to-use and value-priced. Through the global and industry strength of GeoMax's parent company, Hexagon, the business has access to state-of-the-art development and production facilities in Europe, North America and Asia. Removing the frills enables GeoMax to deliver products that "work when you do" - independent of weather, location and task.