GeoMax Zenith60 GNSS Receiver

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The Zenith60 is a calibration-free tilt GNSS smart antenna that incorporates state-of-the-art technology. In combination with the X-PAD field software, field controllers, and widely appreciated support and services, GeoMax provides a GNSS solution that ensures a convenient, flexible, and pleasant working experience.

Technology that Makes Your Life Easier

The GNSS receiver's tilt capability lets you measure inaccessible points and speed up your work, You no longer need to spend time leveling the pole.

The Zenith60 is calibration free. Simply rock it back and forth to enable your tilt feature. What used to take several minutes can now be done in a few seconds.

The instrument's resistance to electromagnetic fields give you confidence that you can rely on your data.

IMU Technology

The GeoMax Zenith60 GNSS smart antenna includes IMU technology and features a customized inertial navigation system to determine tilt and tilt orientation.

Flexibility to Fit Every Need

Customize the Zenith60 to your needs, as it is available in four different versions, Decide for yourself if you need an antenna with/without tilt capability and with/without a UHF module.

X-PAD Ultimate software is available in two tailored versions: one for surveyors and one for construction professionals. The software is running on a multitude of field controllers giving you the flexibility to choose your favorite device.

State-of-the-Art, Future-Proof Technology

With countries no longer supporting 2G and 3G, the 4G LTE module onboard the Zenith60 gives you the certainty of receiving your RTK data now and into the future. The built-in SATEL TR4+ is an exceptional UHF radio, supporting the most established protocols on the market.

Efficient and Safe Data Management

X-PAD 365, the web-based GeoMax cloud platform, was created to address data management and collaboration challenges surveyors and construction professionals meet every day.

Working with the Zenith60, data can be accessed, stored, and shared via the X-PAD 365 File Manager. Your data is always safe, thanks to automatic backups.

Furthermore, the Collaborative Survey and Stakeout feature allows several users to work on the same surveying or stakeout project together, sharing real-time surveyed points and drawings and immediately see the progress.

[GeoMax Zenith60 Datasheet]

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